WELCOME! Beautiful Paver and Masonry Repairs Get A Quote WELCOME! Beautiful Paver and Masonry Repairs Get A Quote WELCOME! Beautiful Paver and Masonry Repairs Get A Quote

Affordable Team - All Cities Within 20 Miles of Livermore. Keeping Pavers, Masonry Beautiful.

Hardscape repair is a specialty of our very experienced team. Pavers and masonry or brick walls or features are an aesthetic expression of northern California home design – and retail stores or businesses too. Restore, repair or fix pavers - if you need, repairing, restoring or fixing of your pavers, get in touch with us today. Patio pavers, pool decks from pavers, backyard features, paver driveways look great when first installed, yet over time these materials can deteriorate or break or their mortar comes undone. The beauty of your prized driveway, wall or feature is marred. Paver restoration and repair is the artisan craft of bringing paver designs back to their original pristine look and performance. Masonry repair is the similar best workmanship process of restoring all types of masonry to its first-laid beauty. At Paver Tech, we are the most hired contractors to return all of your paver or masonry degradations to their former glory. Best paver and masonry repair or fix for Livermore, Hayward and Fremont – in business since 1996.

Our Services

Masonry Repairs

If you’re looking to repair you hardscapes or walls we especially work with: Brick, Pavers, Flagstone, Travertine, Veneer Stones

Repair & Installations

Paver and masonry repair or installation is an artisan job, requiring a master craftsmen to execute the work your paver or masonry features demand. Call us today for professional services at affordable prices


Don’t risk further damage to your home by letting maintenance fall by the wayside. Let us save you time take care of your hardscapes. We offer a full maintenance program: Steam Pressure Cleaning, Sand (polymer)

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