Masonry Repairs

If you’re looking to repair you hardscapes or walls we especially work with: Brick, Pavers, Flagstone, Travertine, Veneer Stones

Repair & Installations

Paver and masonry repair or installation is an artisan job, requiring a master craftsmen to execute the work your paver or masonry features demand. Call us today for professional services at affordable prices.


Don’t risk further damage to your home by letting maintenance fall by the wayside. Let us save you time take care of your hardscapes. We offer a full maintenance program: Steam Pressure Cleaning, Sand (polymer)

Danville, Brentwood, Verona also served, and all towns within 20 miles of Livermore.

Summer is here. Restore, fix, clean pavers in your driveway or backyard paver, stone or brick work. You’ve found us to take care of bringing your pavers back to their original look and feel. Pleasanton to Walnut Creek paver repair, restoration or installation (artisan work) to beautifully renew or create pavers or masonry features for your home or business. Also serving Danville, Brentwood, Verona and all nearby towns. Our company is small, dedicated to quality crafting, and very experienced in a wide variety of paver, stone and masonry materials. This includes brick, pavers, flagstone, veneer stone, travertine restoration or maintenance. We’ve been applying old world craftsmanship to paver repair or installation since 1996, making us among the most experienced hardscape contractor companies in the East Bay. For masonry cleaning, maintenance or installing, we serve both residential and retail business properties, from small to large. Patio, driveway, pool deck, backyard feature repair and maintenance — if you have it, we can restore or maintain it.

Although stone seems permanent, pavers and masonry do come apart over time or may be damaged by accident, earthquake activity and other causes. We’re experiencing drier times now amid other weather changes in northern California, and all of these elements contribute to a deterioration of your prized paver or masonry features. These features of your home or business looked beautiful when first created. How do you return them to their pristine condition, which, of course, adds to your home value? Through paver repairing that is expert in execution, based on thousands of hours of experience with all materials in all conditions. Our paver or masonry maintenance includes steam pressure cleaning and sand (polymer).

For exceptional workmanship, outstanding customer service, low price costs, please call us today to talk over your project and get your free quote. Walnut Creek paver restore and repair. Pleasanton. Danville. Also paver restore and repair in Brentwood, Verona, CA, all surrounding areas. Paver repair, installation near me. Paver cleaning and sealing near me.

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